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Pascal International products can be found on every continent.

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Evacuation System Cleaner,
Ultrasonic Solution
and Instrument Pre-Soak

  • All natural, biodegradable, citrus scent
  • Recommended for Amalgam Separators
  • Non-Foaming
  • Available in individual packets or powder
    form with scoop
  • Dual enzyme formula
  • pH of 7.7
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Fluorilaq Squeeze with Xylitol.
Uniquely premixed nano suspension
of 5% sodium fluoride varnish.

  • Precise - No waste application- Unique “Micro-Precise”
    nozzle provides consistent droplets every time allowing
    complete dispensing control and no wasted varnish.
  • 3 great flavors: salted caramel, bubblegum and fresh mint.
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Retraction Cord

The Global Leader

37 varieties!

  • Knitted
  • Braided
  • Twisted
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Hydent Sticks

Locating Denture High Spots
Just Got Easier.

  • Precise positive transfer, no smearing.
  • Fast and accurate – rechecks are a breeze!
  • Unique, flexible dual bend handle to reach difficult areas.
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Hemostatic Pellets

The aid in gingival retraction and hemostasis.

  • Racellet® #2 Pellets
  • Racellet® #3 Pellets
  • Retrax® Pellets
  • Epidri®
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Key Opinion Leaders

Pascal retraction cord helps to obtain a precise impression, protection of the
gingival sulcus and better visualization of the dental preparation margins, during
the scanning and cementation.

Pascal's retraction cords are easy to insert, hemostatics and astringents
promote an efficient hemorrhagic control and fluid containment
of the gingival region. The enormous variety of materials allow professionals
to solve different clinical situations.

I recommend all clinicians to use Pascal International’s products because it is a
high-quality material that will improve the daily clinic in pursuit of excellence.

The most important place on all direct and indirect restorations is the margin which is often located subgingivaly. The opening of the gingival sulcus and exposure of the margins are the foundations to success in both conventional and digital impressions. Pascal International's retraction cords, astringent and haemostatic instruments and materials are some of the best I've ever used and they guarantee ideal results.

Dr. Josef Kunkela

Pascal cords are a gamechanger. Excellent hemostatic control and margin exposure. The harder the clinical condition, the more value the product gains. Practically speaking, in some clinical situations, its impossible to work without. Highly recommend.

Dr. Florin Cofar

I am truly amazed how much my clinical workflow and results have improved since using Pascal cord. The retraction and isolation of the margin is like no product I have ever used. It's a true game changer that I cannot practice without and I recommend completely.

Dr. Mike Skramstad

It’s good when you feel relaxed and confident while preparing teeth, or during making the impressions for the final result, without having the fear for example that your bur touched the retraction cord or that due to bleeding the impression was not ok and you have to repeat the procedure. With Pascal’s retraction cords I feel having the total control for predictable and repeatable results.

Dr. Christos Markopoulos

One of the most challenging and succes-determining factors for my clinical work is tissue control.

Pascal cords have proven time and time again to be my go-to solution for marginal exposure and predictable scans and impressions.

I highly recommend clinicians to give the products a try themselves, so they can discover why Pascal products stand out.

Dr. Quoc An Nguyen

I am a long time Cerec user and Patterson certified Cerec trainer, Pascal
International retraction cords and Racellet Pellets are my No 1 choices
when it comes to "tissue management

Dr. Yao-Lin Tang

Quality, predictability, ease of use, and outstanding customer support/relationships are just a few of the many virtues that Pascal Intl. products and their team offer all their customers worldwide. Pascal Intl’s vast line of tissue management products allow us clinicians to be able to directly influence a more precise outcome with less effort and more patient comfort. Knowing you can trust Pascal Intl materials to continuously deliver excellent results providing ease of mind is one of the reasons I choose and recommend Pascal Intl products.

Virgilio Gutierrez

To create beautiful smiles, you have to use the beautiful products, and Pascal Internationals products are up there with the best.

Dr. Jameel Gardee

When I digitally scan my veneers preparations, I don’t want small fibers coming out of my cord and interfering the #trios vision, this is one of the reasons why I rely on Pascal International super-compact memory-free braided cords Siltrax AS. Hundred percent recommendable!

Predictability, control and easy management. Pascal markedly
improved my clinical times and results

Dr. Alejandro Pineda

As a CADCAM dentist, my tissue management criteria is higher than traditional impression taking. Perfect tissue management is absolutely key Pascal international provides me a lot of help for this. Pascal International has the largest selection of high quality retraction cords on the planet. The have everything! All sizes, all types of styles such as braided, knitted, twisted. Several medications- Aluminum Sulfate, Epinephrine, combination and plain. They also many interesting packing instruments and 3 distinct gingival gels all to make your job easier and your cases more successful. You can not find a better tissue management product line than that of Pascal International. A true global leader.

Dr. Chifan (David) Tai

It is very difficult to replace a material you use over 14 years, one time you have a great technique using that specific product and achieve great results using it. I reluctantly tried to use Pascal retraction cords because I did not want to leave my comfort zone, but one day I decided to test it. After that day, there was no return, I left 14 years of history to be surprised by the high performance of gingival retraction and hemostasis of Pascal cords providing an spectacular impression! I became fan of these retraction cords. Congratulations Pascal retraction cords!

Dr. Victor Clavijo

I prefer Pascord by Pascal International which is impregnated with a solution of aluminum sulfate for the patients who need gingival retraction. Pascord plays a key and essential role for the precise dental treatment under the microscopic dentistry. The handling properties are excellent with its yellowish green corded color which provides us with better visualization. I have been using it over 20 years. I believe this is the best solution for the tissue management.

Dr. Matsukawa

Pascal retraction cord provides a margin better than any product that I have ever used. With Pascal cords I am better able visualize preparation margins, during both scanning and cementation. Precise retraction is crucial with today's digital techniques. I would recommend Pascal products to any dentist seeking to use the best!

MUDr. Martin Lebeda

Pascal’s # 7 Sil-Trax EPI retraction cord facilitates making perfect impressions and, in addition, exceedingly simple to do. Trimming dies has never been so clear and easy. Every product they make is outstanding. I strongly recommend dentists use Pascal’s products because they provide the best clinical results possible

Dr. William Strupp

Modern dentistry requires reliable tissue management to provide predictable results. Pascals range of retraction cords and accessories allied with their hemostatic solutions and gels gives dentists the control they need in a variety of clinical situations. High quality cord leads to high quality digital scans and impressions and a dry working environment allows excellent bonding even subgingivally. I need this reliability to produce excellent dentistry so I use and recommend Pascal international products.

Dr. Niall Valelly

Along with Pascal's wide variety of high quality products, Hydent Sticks can be used with ease as essential making applicators for locating denture highs spots and other marking applications.

Dr. Kaori Maehata

Margin control is the key to success in any prosthetic procedure. Pascal international retraction cords can easily control the margin especially under microscopic preparation and veneer cementation in my daily work. To achieve excellent results you need to choose excellent products! Personally I highly recommend Pascal products!

Dr. Yi Ju Chen

Thank you Pascal International! I can finally remove retraction cord without rushing to take an impression. With Siltrax A.S. I experience clear vision, no bleeding, and no frayed or loose threads. I have tissue displacement that lets me work without rush during our digital or traditional impressions, this is what I have always wanted in a retraction cord and I have found it.

Ines Barbosa

Pascal offers a big variety of quality retraction cords with a very special knit that allows you to polish your margins safely without the fear that your bur will catch the cord and injure the gingiva. Ideal either for conventional or digital impressions."

Dr. Dimitris Tasakos

If you are looking for the best results, Pascal International's wide variety of retraction and tissue management products are a "must” tool/accessory for the ultimate success in modern digital dentistry.

Lorant Stumpf

Pascal offers multiple high quality, pH balanced, great tasting preventive products that are easy to implement chair side. Fluorilaq Squeeze is the perfect for a fast-pace office because it offers reliable dosages, easy application process, and no wasteful packaging!

Dr. Amber Auger

Effective soft-tissue management has always been important for successful fixed restorations. With the increased utilization of CAD/CAM, I feel that optimal gingival retraction is even more critical. It is a pleasure to work with Pascal to help develop new instruments and materials that simplify this extremely crucial step.

Dr. Jonathan Ferencz

The retraction cords and hemostatics that do the job.

Dr. Michal Dudek

To a dental technician, retraction cord is one of the key factors to being able to produce a well fitting restoration. Whether you use conventional impressions or digital ones, the prepped tooth should be well exposed to achieve a proper margin seal. I have found Pascal retraction cords to be ideal for both methods. As a CAD/CAM technician I find their Black KnitTrax 000 cord ideal for intra-oral scanning, because the use of it helps create a greater contrast between the margins and the soft tissue, therefore achieving a better quality fit for crowns, bridges and Veneers.

Daniel Dunka

I think this is an innovative and exciting product. The fact that there is xylitol in it only enhances it. We all know the benefits that xylitol has in caries prevention. The bubblegum flavor is exciting too as the children will love it. Try this product out…..see how you like it…..I would be surprised it it did not get 5 stars from you all.

Dr. Jane Weiner

Pascal's enzymatic cleanser Citrizyme is fast and effective

Dr. Sandra Batista

Clinical dentistry can never be stress-free but anything that makes it less stressful and more predictable is a no-brainer. I have used a range of Pascal products to this end and have confidence in them and also the Pascal team who have always been available to answer my queries. thank you and keep up the good work!

Dr. Amin Aminian
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